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WoodVenture™ - Smart Sun Light

The 2021 design award winner for sensor lights

49 reviews

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up to 5 months of usage without recharging


intelligent dual sensor detects motion in low brightness environments


detachable design to carry your sun light wherever you go

Transform your home atmosphere in moments

Smart Dual-Sensor Mode

The Smart Sun Light illuminates your room comfortably at night whenever motion is detected. The infrared and photosensitive sensors recognize movement from a range of up to 13 ft/4m.

Flashlight Mode

The flashlight mode allows you to carry your Smart Sun Light wherever you go as a portable source of light.
It almost feels like carrying a little sun. However, in contrast to the sun, it doesn’t emit any heat thanks to low-temperature LED technology which makes it safe for everyone!

Effortless Installation

Step 1: glue the base to any surface (no extra glue needed)

Step 2: attach the magnetic light ball to its base

Step 3: enjoy and detach whenever needed

Powerful Battery

Spend less time recharging your Smart Sun Light thanks to a powerful battery that lasts 4-5 months or up to 20h non-stop in the flashlight mode. You won't need any batteries because it can easily be recharged with the included USB cable.

Why WoodVenture™

Perfect for Any Room and Mother Nature

Safe for the whole family

Our lamp emits little to no heat, and isn't prone to breaking.

Chemical Free

Our lamp is pure, natural, and full of possibilites.

We are planting trees

In cooperation with we are planting a tree for every order placed.