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This bundle contains all the basics you’ll ever need in beautifying and setting a cozy mood in your house. Make your home a little homier!

Smart Lantern Light

The WoodVenture™ Smart Lantern Light is the most versatile, innovative, and multi-purpose lantern there is. With its foldable design and 360 degree rotating mechanism, this unique, lantern-inspired ambient light can transform into various different shapes according to your liking.

Use your Smart Lantern Light as a stylish table lamp, a modern sleek night lamp, a portable source of light or even as a flashlight.

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Fragrance Lamp

Transform your room into a cozy haven with this WoodVenture™ Fragrance Lamp. It does not only provide you with an illuminating soft light to accompany you before sleeping, it also exudes relaxing aromatherapy through different essential oils of your choice.

You’ll surely sleep like a baby every night with the relaxing ambiance of this unique Fragrance Lamp.

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Smart Wall Lamp

This advanced WoodVenture™ Smart Wall Lamp illuminates your room comfortably at night whenever motion is detected. Its infrared and photosensitive sensors recognize movement from a range of up to 13 ft/4m.

It can also be used anywhere as a portable flashlight, and with its long lasting battery life (up to 18hr nonstop flashlight mode!), it is your perfect companion in emergency situations.

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Pen Holder

Tired of boring pen organizers? This WoodVenture™ Alarm Clock Pen Holder is the perfect solution to keeping your desk organized and aesthetic-looking. Its clean wooden design blends seamlessly to your table, or in any corner of the house, giving it a fresh modern look.

With its alarm clock, calendar, and temperature setting functions, you’ll never miss a meeting or an important event, ever again.

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Digital Clock Charger

Set your alarm, snooze in a little bit, check the temperature outside, and start your day fresh with a fully charged phone, all with this WoodVenture™ Digital Clock Charger.With its many different functions, it’s the perfect addition to your bedside table to meet all your waking needs.

It will surely provide the most efficient mornings for busy individuals like you.

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Why WoodVenture™

Perfect for Any Room and Mother Nature

Safe for the whole family

Our lamp emits little to no heat, and isn't prone to breaking.

Chemical Free

Our lamp is pure, natural, and full of possibilites.

We are planting trees

In cooperation with we are planting a tree for every order placed.