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Learn about your interior style & your #1 decoration mistake:

Option1: Minimalist/ Glam/ Contemporary/ Scandinavian & Low Nature Glow

Option2: Minimalist/ Glam/ Contemporary/ Scandinavian & Low Ambiance Glow

Here’s what that means and what you can do:


Praise for WoodVenture


“The first company I found that offers such unique decoration for families - their designers are really on it!”

Judith M, Verified Buyer

“Cozy, functional, and of great quality. I've redecorated our living room and even my man (who is not interested in such things at all) loves it.”

Sheri K, Verified Buyer

“I have had my WoodVenture products for more than a year now and I am still happy. Made and shipped from the US btw.”

Kristin A, Verified Buyer

“I spent upwards of $5,000 for an interior designer for our house only to feel that everything looks clean and good but not cozy or homey…I got some ambiance lights and they do the trick for me and my family.”

Katie W, Verified Buyer

“Their cozy ambiance line is amazing. I bought a package for a couple of rooms such as our hallway, living room, and nursery. It’s honestly always a conversation starter when friends come over. Love it!”

Kiara P, Verified Buyer

“I’m an interior designer by myself here in Dallas and I must praise the team ofWoodVenture. Their cozy line is of great quality and fits actually a variety of rooms or even your veranda. I mainly incorporate the products in the hallway and living room. Tip for everyone: Buy their scones/ LED Torches for your hallway and get not only a flexible night light but also an energy-efficient sensor light”

Sara S, Verified Buyer

“I like the personal feeling with WoodVenture. You can call them and they always have a solution for you!”

Christin H, Verified Buyer

“I was usually shopping for my home decor locally here in our store until I found woodventure. I like the natural and environmentally friendly approach very much and I must also honestly admit you just feel better when you know that you have no plastic standing around with you.”

Sandra T, Verified Buyer