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Product & Safety

No, the lamps produces little to no heat thanks to efficient LED lights.  

No, all WoodVenture™ smart lights are powered with a USB/ DC cable which are attachable to a USB charger, a power bank, or anything that has a USB port.

Although our products can be used outdoors, our lights and lamps should not be exposed to areas with water or high moisture environment.

Our products come with a USB cable/ DC cable only. Since we ship globally, our customers may conveniently use their spare adapter appropriate to the country that they are in.

We don’t use any chemicals on our wooden products and refrain from coloring of our natural materials.

Yes, every WoodVenture™ product is 100% safe and has been RoHS and CE certified.

Yes, kids will love it to the moon!

Yes, because we are convinced of our unique wooden products we will give you a free 1-year warranty.

Shipping & Delivery

Yes, we ship to many countries around the world including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You can check our shipping policy for a full list of all the countries we are shipping to.

The delivery speed depends on the destination country. In general, all orders are delivered within 5-14 business days after they have been shipped.


Please note, that due to COVID-19, many shipping companies are prioritizing the shipments and receiving of emergency and necessary medical equipment. This could mean that your package may be withheld with the shipping company for an extended period of time which would lead to longer wait times and delays. We hope you understand, as this is something completely out of our control.

Yes, you will get a tracking number once your order has been shipped. You can track your shipment on our tracking page at any time.

Refund & Exchange

Please contact our support team and you will receive all the necessary information on how to send your item back to us. Once we received a confirmation that you have returned the item we will immediately refund your order.

You can return your item within 14 days after the delivery without any reason - no questions asked. If your item breaks within the 1-year-warranty you are also eligible for a full refund.