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Nordic Rectangular Vase

More than a Vase

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Nordic Rectangular Vase

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Glass vial enclosed in a natural wooden stand brings the ambiance of nature


Natural and durable wood stand ages beautifully and does not wobble or collapse


Made using responsibly sourced renewable materials for a positive social impact


Make any space cozier with or without plants and command attention

Why WoodVenture

Perfect for any room and mother nature

Safe for the whole family

Our lamp emits little to no heat and isn't prone to breaking

Chemical Free

Our lamp is pure, natural, and full of possibilites.

We are planting trees

In cooperation with we are planting a tree for every order placed.

• Can I use it outdoors?

Absolutely! The product's unique design will be a lovely addition to your garden table or patio set.

• Is there a warranty on your products?

Yes, every item is covered by a free 1-year warranty.

• Is the glass tube detachable?

Yes! The glass tube is detachable from the wooden vase and ideal for hydroponic indoor plants.

• Does it require a specific plant to grow in a glass tube?

No, you don't need anything specific so you can choose any growing houseplants for hydroponic farming.

• How to properly clean the tube?

Clean the glass tube as needed, you may pour baking soda or salt mixed with water and gently shake to cover most areas of the tube. Pour vinegar, and soak until all dirt is gone. Use a clean cloth to wipe off any dust/dirt on the wooden vase surface.

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The delivery speed depends on the destination country. In general, all orders are delivered within 5-10 days after they have been shipped.

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Yes, you will get a tracking number once your order

Variants: Big / Small
Shape: Rectangular
Materials used: Wood (Walnut), Glass
Specifications: Big (12cm x 24cm / 9.5” x 4.7”); Small (12cm x 18cm / 7.1” x 4.7”)
Glass tube: 15cm / 5.9” tall with a 1.8cm / .70” internal circumference
Weight: 600-650g

Package Includes:

1x WoodVenture Nordic Rectangular Vase
1 x WoodVenture Glass tube