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WoodVenture™ - Smart Balloon Lamp

The original Smart Balloon Lamp.

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the worlds first foldable lamp design with magnetic wooden ends to create your own unique atmosphere


up to 8h non-stop usage so you can use it all day long without recharging


switch between 16 color modes for a cozy, warm atmosphere, a cold, modern look or a wild, party mode


compact shape so you can carry it wherever you want

This beautiful balloon-inspired ambient light transforms into a unique atmospheric lamp.

Take your Smart Balloon Lamp wherever you want

Its compact design allows you to bring it to the next family meet-up or your friends’ place, and impress everyone with a unique ambience!

16 Looks - One Lamp

Whether you prefer a cozy, warm atmosphere, a cold, modern look or a romantic, relaxing ambience - this lamp has it all!

You can switch between the 16 different color modes by using the included remote control.

Illuminate your room for up to 8h - wireless

We hate ugly cables just as much as you do which is why our lamp can be used without any wires in order to create a clean and modern look.

Your Smart Balloon Lamp illuminates your room for up to 8h and can easily be recharged with the included USB cable.

High-quality natural materials ensuring long-term durability

Our lamp is completely made out of renewable and natural materials which ensures that you will receive a high-quality product that is environmentally friendly.

Why WoodVenture™

Perfect for Any Room and Mother Nature

Safe for the whole family

Our lamp emits little to no heat, and isn't prone to breaking.

Chemical Free

Our lamp is pure, natural, and full of possibilites.

We are planting trees

In cooperation with we are planting a tree for every order placed.