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Why Wood is Good

Why Wood is Good

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 13 Jun 22

When you think about it, wood is everywhere. It is in the walls of your home, your furniture, and more. From your windows to your work desk, wood is all around. From habitat to humanity, It's no secret that wood plays a significant part in our lives. 

There are a million reasons why wood is good, and here are a few of ours. 


A Natural Influence

All you have to do is pick up an interior design magazine, scroll through Pinterest, or tune in to the countless television shows to see wood prominently displayed and utilized in various clever ways. The reason being is that wood is so multi-faceted. Far from a “one-trick pony”, wood is not just for floors. It can be easily integrated into some of the most impressive design aesthetics and functions. From ornate moldings, furnishing, and framework to natural finishes and floors of course. 

Sustainable Style

Wood in the home is a sign of good taste and conscious consumerism. A staple in almost every architectural plan, wood is commonly used as part of the foundation; however, it is equally applied as an element of design aesthetics and style.

Responsibly sourced/certified wood is one of the only sustainable and renewable building materials on the market. To put it simply, every tree that is cut down to create your next bed frame or kitchen cabinet can be replaced with another sapling planted in its place. This cycle ensures that supply is met but also ensures that one of the planet’s most sought-after natural resources is replenished.

Constant Connection

Research shows that the use of natural materials, such as wood in architectural design produces a similar reaction reminiscent of being outdoors. To elaborate, natural elements in decor trigger a psychological and physiological response; emphasizing the connection to nature. Nature-connected designs that utilize wood, stone, and other natural materials are said to lower blood pressure, heart rates, stress and anxiety; while increasing positive social interactions.