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The Truth About Trees

The Truth About Trees

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 16 May 22

It’s that time of year - the annual global celebration of trees! On May 16th every year, national “Love A Tree” day unifies us all in the sharing of appreciation for one of Mother Nature’s most treasured gifts, the tree. 

The ugly truth is the world is in danger. With each passing day, carbon pollution poses an imminent threat to the climate. A natural air purifier, trees help to combat the level of toxic pollutants in the air all over the world. Sadly, because of big business and its factories, we lose a forest the size of New York every other day. That’s why we, in partnership with, launched our initiative to promote awareness of the impact that trees have on the world and reforest the planet one tree at a time. 

Did you know that trees are extremely important to ensure that our planet remains habitable? Here are a few things that you may not know trees can do. 

Trees can…

  • …deliver enough oxygen for a family to breathe clean and clear air
  • …aid in reducing high temperatures by providing significant shade
  • …remove pollutants and smoke in the air
  • …absorb carbon dioxide and other deadly gasses from the air while releasing oxygen to combat these emissions

With the continuing increase in global population and unyielding use of fossil fuels, the dwindling forests are working overtime. Here are a few ideas that you and your family can do to show trees some love.

  1. Plant a tree - Depending on where you live, planting a tree not only helps the environment but helps to bring your family together. Suburban families can plant a tree on their property as a symbol of their family love and bond. While urban families can work with their community to find a location, such as a vacant lot or barren corner of the local park.
  2. Primp and prune - Just as self-care is important to you, pruning is important to a tree. Take a day on a weekend with your family to scout the trees on your property to ensure that they are well cared for - trimming dead leaves, removing branches that have died or been damaged, providing fertilizer for young trees, and of course, a nice long drink of water. 
  3. Adopt a tree - There are many programs where your family can adopt a tree. Your monthly contributions not only allow for a tree to be planted but ensures that the tree is well cared for and grows into the tower of air purification it's meant to be.
  4. Give a hug - Seriously, hug a tree. The pure act of hugging someone or something releases endorphins in our brain, making us feel happy. That happiness in turn transfers to the tree, allowing it to grow. Those of you who may think this is silly never had a conversation with your house plants. Plants crave attention just as much as we do. So go on, and give a tree a hug. You’ll both be glad you did.