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The Significance of the Season's

The Significance of the Season's

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 03 Oct 22

It seems like just yesterday, we were loading up the car and heading to the shore or a barbecue with friends and family. And now, as we head outside we are kissed by a brisk breeze of cold air. A reminder that ...Winter is Coming.

Personally, I love the snow. As flurries descend on the pristine, white landscape in our backyard. At home, I delight in the comfort and warmth of snuggly blankets, and sip a cup of hot tea. I sit and dream up ideas of what the next season will bring. 

The seasons provide a continuous reminder of change. An invaluable cycle that happens for everyone. Each season helps us find balance. From remaining indoors and getting centered to going outside and taking advantage of the great world in which we live. 

With change comes hope. Each season provides us the opportunity to adjust, concentrate, and focus.



Marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. As the white snow falls to the ground, its silent and serene setting evokes a sense of peace and calm. Its rich stillness allows one to reflect and hone in on their thoughts. And though there's the frigid chill in the air, we all feel hopeful for the opportunity to reflect, change, and begin again. It is also known that the deep freeze provides the essential nourishment for new growth across the land for the coming season. 



Spring is a time for renewal, growth, even romance. The air becomes fragrant, fresh and warmer. A new sense of promise and joy abounds. We notice the moist smell of the earth, the magical sight of greenery reappearing, and the abundance of flower buds opening. Color returns. This presence of change makes us appreciate and feel inspired by the gift of transformation. Prompting us to consider areas in which we can personally develop.




Chill out! Though it is the hottest season, it is the most relaxed.  We look to warm weather under cerulean skies. We delight poolside in the warm light of the sun. There is an ever-so-slight breeze and occasional sound of an air conditioner working overtime. The air smells good, clean, and fresh. There is laughter and cheer all around.  And, with great excitement we embark on new journeys to the unknown through travel and exploration.  We explore our world and ourselves. 



The presence of fall makes its presence known with bold shifts in colors, temperatures, and light. Autumn leaves, which fall, crunch, and swirl around signify the shift. We all know it’s time to grab a jacket. We begin to want hearty foods, and we begin to question how long will it last before it’s freezing again? Will I make it?And, the answer is...Yes.