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The One Room to Avoid When Working From Home

The One Room to Avoid When Working From Home

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 25 Jul 22

Let’s face it, to work from home is every introvert's fantasy. Even more than that, we love the amount it saves on gas and travel expenses; however, that is not without issue.  There’s much to be learned about working from home. From having proper office supplies, and adequate desk seating, to maintaining high productivity and remembering to leave the television turned off! But, of all this, the one thing that people should beware of is bringing work into their home in a way that takes the feeling of home and comfortable living out of the space.


Here's Why:

Productivity research analysts have conducted extensive research on working from home and have found that of all the spaces in the home, the bedroom is the one to avoid most.  You ask “Why?”, and the answer is because your bedroom is your sanctuary and place of relaxation. Adding work into that designated space will prove problematic. Switching from what your brain has registered as a place to sleep to a place of increased productivity and well…work!  Though, it has been argued that many will be tempted to nap too. We ALL love a good nap!

Studies Show:

Many noted clinical psychologists believe that the brain easily makes the association between real-time experiences. We must create boundaries between the many aspects and spaces in our lives; leaving the things that cause a stir, worry, and anxiety, behind as we cross the threshold into a space of zen.

Pick a Place:

A home office—even a temporary one—is the ideal scenario for allocating a designated workspace, as it is set apart from spaces where you need to relax. If you do have additional rooms it’s good to consider spaces such as a guest room, basement, or even your dining room.

It’s a noted fact that not everyone has this option; however...STAY AWAY FROM THE BEDROOM!