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The Many Powers of A Mom

The Many Powers of A Mom

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 08 May 22

Fact: Women are capable of the most amazing feats and are truly phenomenal.

Once they have children, it is as if magic manifests. They are no longer simply human. Through some strange metamorphosis, they become MOMS - supreme beings that have powers. It’s true! Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven? 

Prepare to be amazed as we share with you 6 of the many powers of a mom. 

Supersonic Hearing

A mother knows her child's cry. She could be in attendance at a noisy birthday party. Picture her as she stands in a crowded room with over 20 children; when her inflection detection allows for her to instantaneously and with absolute certainty decipher her child's cry. Equally impressive is the ability to listen for and detect silence; triggering their internal alert system to warn of a silent child that is up to no good.


Moms have the superb ability to heal all that aches and make it better. From bumps and bruises to breakups or breakdowns. Impeccable in her approach, Mom can handle it all with just the right amount of TLC.


Always considering what’s in the best interest of their child, moms know when something isn’t quite right. A mother knows when their child is up to something or in a situation that may prove dangerous. Her mommy senses tingle, calling her to action. 

Superhuman Strength

Moms possess the power of 10 men; summoning the strength of Hercules when it comes to protecting their children. They can stop a car with one hand to keep their child from harm. More impressive is the ability to carry a heavy baby, a stroller, and a bag of groceries 4 city blocks, in the rain without issue. 



A mom knows her child’s characteristics. Just as she can hone in on the slightest scrape or scratch; she can tell when things don’t add up. Her acute ability to read facial expressions and body allows her to accurately pinpoint a disconnect in a story. NOTE TO ALL KIDS: Just tell the truth…she KNOWS! 

The LOOK: 

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the look on a mom's face…says them all. It can make you laugh, cry, or even paralyze you; leaving you frozen in place with fear. Whatever she's conveying with her look- is understood. We’ve all seen it. 

What are some of the superpowers you’ve witnessed?