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The Feelings of A Grad

The Feelings of A Grad

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 30 May 22

Graduation season is upon us! Many are about to take that step, from Kindergarten to First Grade, High School to College, or even receiving a doctorate; but, whichever stage the graduate finds themselves in, you can guarantee it will be an emotional time. Young or old, the day marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, and with that comes endless emotions and the need for many of us to show empathy and support to those getting ready to graduate. 

Allow us to share some insight on four of the many emotions your graduate will experience.


Viewed as an achievement and a testament to one’s ability to focus - dedicating themselves to see it through - graduation is a major accomplishment. Graduates will surely find it difficult to contain their joy with the thought that the world is waiting with new opportunities, people, and adventure. 


Again, the world is waiting and that thought can be exciting but also very overwhelming. Many soon-to-be graduates have grown comfortable with the same colleagues, classmates, and leaders for years. The thought of the unknown can be unnerving.



Being able to see something through in its entirety is not an easy task, which is why graduation comes with a great sense of pride. Many graduates have a variety of reasons why walking across that stage is important to them and their families, so allow them to gloat…they deserve it. 


Growing up is hard to do and do not be surprised if the graduate sheds a tear or two as they receive their certificate or degree. Many of them will be leaving a life they knew so well behind to forge a new path and that isn’t easy. So, yes, a pre-paid credit card or box of instant noodles may be a great gift, but the graduate might just need - prefer - a hug. Though the other stuff will help too.