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Lighting Unplugged

Lighting Unplugged

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 01 Aug 22

Feeling tied down by your traditional lighting source? Cut the cord and do away with unsightly wires. Cordless lighting is making a major impact on the lighting industry; not only does the removal of chaotic cords make for a more pleasing aesthetic - it’s safer for children and pets while making it easier to shed light wherever you need it. It’s time to join WoodVenture in the wireless revolution and here are 5 reasons why you should leave your wired lights behind.



The name says it all. Cordless lighting doesn’t require wires or a constant connection to an electric outlet, instead, they utilize internal battery packs to provide power - often from quick charging capabilities. The wireless features allow you to decide when and where you want light instead of being limited by the location of your power outlets. The fact that cordless lights can be charged, often by a simple USB cable, means that your light doesn’t have to stay at home. 


Since wireless lighting options don’t need to be constantly plugged into the wall, they consume less energy. Not only do they limit the reliance on electricity, they often offer more environmentally-friendly options such as solar-powered, rechargeable batteries. 

Increase quality:

With advancements in technology rapidly changing the way products are made, wireless lights come with a variety of LED lightbulb options that are not only brighter but last longer than traditional light bulbs. 

Low cost:

Not only do the advancements in technology aid in the quality of light bulbs, but they also aid in lowering the overall cost. Not only do the batteries in wireless lights rely less on electricity, lowering energy bills, but the long-lasting, rechargeable batteries also do not need to be replaced as often increasing the amount of money in your pocket. 


Wireless lighting’s lack of need for cords allows for designers to get drastically creative with designs and functions. More and more companies are introducing amazing features with their wireless lighting options, like our Smart Circle Lamp, which is not just a lamp, but a Bluetooth speaker and wireless mobile device charger. 


Explore our range of wireless lighting options to see just how innovative and stylish going cordless can be!