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It’s Not Over Yet

It’s Not Over Yet

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 28 Aug 22

As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is coming to an end. The carefree days frolicking on the beach and long sun-filled days will soon be a distant memory. For many, the change in season brings a sense of completion or the excitement of something new. For others, it is a reminder that “the good ol’ days of summer” are long past and it’s time to bunker down for the cold winter winds. 

With the end of summer comes the joy of going back to school. Children get to see old friends and high seniors leave home for the first time to sit in their first college classrooms. The season brings change for everyone, but never fear, WoodVenture has a way to not only warm your hearts but your home environment as well.

Getting your child ready for college can be a daunting task, especially if you are one of those people who long for summer fun or just simply can’t believe it’s time for your baby to leave the nest. Wherever you find yourself on the parenting spectrum, making sure your child leaves with some great WoodVenture products is a must. 

Make sure you pack a Smart 360 Desk Lamp in your truck or moving van. It’s a great addition to any student’s desk, especially if that desk is in a dorm room. The rechargeable lamp attaches to the stand by a magnetic ball, giving you 360 degrees of lighting options. The lamp can also be removed so your studious student can illuminate their way to the bathroom during those late-night study sessions. 

For those of you who find yourself at a different stage of life, your children are still young or have been years away from home, but are still longing for the white sands of the beach - the Sandscape Lamp is what you’re looking for. The WoodVenture Sandscape Lamp is a stylish, yet purposeful design element. The smooth lines blend seamlessly into any decor and the colorful sands inside provide a soothing dance that reminds you of the sunny shores. It’s remote control operated so you can transport yourself to the beach with the simple touch of a button.

We can’t forget how quickly we will find ourselves wrapped in the wintery blanket of snow. Well, all of us who live in the Northern hemisphere. Before long, the leaves will fall and the trees will stand cold and naked thought that doesn’t mean our love of nature and all things summer need to be forgotten. Our Natural Crystal Stone Tree is the perfect example of art imitating life. The realistic tree, crafted from copper wire, holds beautifully cut crystals which take the place of delicate leaves. This stunning collection of metal and stone is a subtle reminder that summer is just around the corner and the colorful crystals bring not only a sense of joy but are believed to bring healing and prosperity.

So, allow WoodVenture to help you through the next stages of your life or at least through the next season. You’ll be glad you did.