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In Honor of the Fallen

In Honor of the Fallen

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 23 May 22

Memorial Day is more than just a long weekend break from work or school. It is more than backyard barbecues, or sales and social media ads. It is the time that we come together in remembrance of the many brave men and women that have laid down their lives to protect and serve the United States of America and its people.


An often solemn occasion for many, the Memorial Day holiday is not only our chance to remember and pay tribute to the fallen but also create new traditions, and memories that promote togetherness. For many, it’s been too long since they’ve last seen friends and family - an unfortunate result of the global pandemic. 


Now is the time for fun, family, and friends! It’s imperative to resume some sense of normalcy and reconnect with loved ones. Times have surely changed, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get back to the good old days.


This Memorial Day the team at Woodventure thought about a variety of ways in which family and friends can together honor the fallen and create new memories that bring a bit of joy to your homes and hearts.

Five Ways to Honor the Fallen with Family and Friends

Learn Your Families Military History

We all have men and women in our family history that have served in the armed forces. Just as families work to create a family tree; it’s a great idea and family activity to collectively work to catalog all of those in your family that made it possible for us to live in this great nation today. 

Spend Time with A Veteran

Young or old, we all have people close to us that have served in the military. Sadly, they have first-hand experience with suffering - even witnessing the loss of someone close. Memorial Day can be a challenging time for them, so do your part to cheer them up. Spending time with a veteran will provide a great distraction and new memory to be cherished.

Plant a Tree in Memory

Remembrance trees are a great idea. At home in your backyard or a national forest, planting a tree will give you peace of mind. For every purchase that you make, through our partnership with, a tree is planted. Together we can honor the fallen and re-forest the world.

Bring Family Photos and Film Back 

Thanks to modern-day tech, we can easily memorialize moments. From taking a family photo on your cellphone to recording a video with the same; if all members put them together, it would make for a memorable experience for generations to come.

Visit a National Cemetery

Driving through a national cemetery sheds light on the significance and sacrifice that makes Memorial Day a day of national recognition. Driving through well-kempt lush green grounds and decorated gravesites provide a visual marker of the many soldiers, regardless of creed or color, who so bravely made a way for us all.