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How to Make your Home Glow-up!

How to Make your Home Glow-up!

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 21 Feb 22

How to Make your Home Glow-up with these 5 Clever Lighting Ideas

When I moved into upstate New York 2 years ago, my 2-bedroom flat felt like an underground home.The light fixture on the ceiling was an eyesore. Peeking into my window did me no good when other buildings were blocking the sun. At worst, COVID happened!

Being stuck in a cave, which also served as my office/gym/restaurant, heightened the need to make my space warm and inviting.

Fortunately, with a few clever lamp choices and taking advantage of what I’ve got, I was able to turn my space into a home I love. So can you! 

Do you struggle glowing up the vibe of your place? No worries! Here are my 5 easy tips for you!


1. Add an Unexpected Lighting

Confession: I don’t care much about interior decorating. But there’s something about transforming a space to be fully yours. How it makes you proud to decorate your space to reflect your style. The simplest way to make sure your interior doesn't look cookie-cutter is by adding an unexpectedly-designed piece.

The trick is to find a lamp that harmonizes with the room, but doesn’t blend in. A safe deviation from the design scheme can include: contrasting accent color, quirky statement lamp or even a lamp with a slab of wood that doubles as a piece of art. 

Any of these has a potential to add an element of surprise and cozy glow that you crave in an otherwise flat space!


2. Use Lamps to Add Color to your Home

There’s no question about it: an easy way to bring some happiness to your home is to add a pop of color! 

Science says colors can have a huge impact on our mood.  While yellow is dubbed to be the happiest color, nature and memories trigger our emotions into happiness. So finding a color that you like or associate with your happy moments can instantly brighten your mood. 

Think of it as an easy way to put your personal stamp on your home too!

Tip: Apart from choosing a light fixture that comes in your favorite childhood color, you can use lamps with full-spectrum smart LED bulbs. This is perfect for changing the color of the lamp to match your mood. Whether you’re studying, lounging in your living room watching your favorite film or inviting friends for a party, control the light. Set the mood right!


3. Choose a Lamp to Embrace a Biophilic Design

Spending more time indoors, we crave the power of nature to uplift and revitalise us. But did you know that we have a biological and physical need to be one with nature

This must be the reason why Biophilic design, or design which seeks to connect people and nature, has always been in the list of decor trends. 

And it’s more than about plants! I love lamps detailed with the shapes of branches, glows like the otherworldly Northern Lights or artfully copies the extravagance of a peacock’s plumage. Afterall, nature is the best designer. 

If you don’t want to splurge on designer lamps, you can try something as simple as the Himalayan Salt lamp, the quirky mushroom lamp or animal-inspired table lamps like my monkey lamp!

As a bonus you can make sure all of your lighting is from LED bulbs which are not only eco-friendly and energy-saving but also last much longer than traditional bulbs.

4. Distribute Lights to make a small room look bigger

If you want to create the illusion of space, you can easily diffuse the light with this trick: place different ambient lights on different heights. Having one light fixture above can mistakenly create that displeasing "glare bomb".

Your eye goes to where the light glows so distribute the light source. The trick is combining vertical lamps with recessed lighting below. This can draw the eye outwards and give the feeling of an expansive open feel in the room. 

Start with the simplest approach! A wall sconce can heighten interest vertically along with your favourite table lamp below. Or one pendant lamp and a standing lamp to illuminate the corner of the room, or bedside. You can try a pair of string lights on the cabinet and an ambient table lamp on the corner.

The point is, no matter which seat you are in, you have a magical light above, around and right in front of you, where you need it most.


5. This one hack can instantly multiply the brightness 

Let’s face it. We love to make our home look more classy but that requires breaking the bank! My ideal interior decorating tip is one that is most low-budget and is high-impact. 

And if buying more than 3 pieces of lamps isn’t aligned with your budget-friendly pursuit, there’s still a simple hack to brighten your poorly-lit space, especially in your bedroom.

Place a lamp in front of your mirror! 

Of course, mirrors don’t actually double the light, but they reflect it. In the olden days mirrors were placed behind candlesticks. Candelabra or large candle sticks were even made out of glass all intended to increase reflection. The idea is simple: make your room look brighter!

One of my favorite applications is a round mirror with a table lamp on a night stand. Or a wall lamp on my bedroom dresser. Apart from spreading the light, there’s something about the combination of mirrors and lamps that look modern and chic. 


Summary: Make it You

It’s tempting to upgrade your space when you can. You might even feel the pressure to follow trends. But the reality is, it’s more important to keep up with how you feel and find meaning in what you want out of your home.

Apart from lamps, how do you make your space feel YOU?  Adding your personality is as simple as spreading your photos, your precious keepsakes and your favorite books and a lamp to put a spotlight on the things that you love.

It’s all about finding what makes you feel happy, safe and comfortable.