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Holiday Entertaining Essentials

Holiday Entertaining Essentials

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 20 Nov 22

The holidays are here, and if you’ve started entertaining more lately, there are all kinds of fun ways to enjoy them! If you don’t already have some holiday entertaining essentials on hand — like tablecloths and vases (however many of those you own), say — then you’re going to want to head over to checkout our collection of festive tableware for any occasion and budget. You have to clean, cook, and carefully cater to your guests; especially those with food allergies. It can be unnerving, and you want to ensure that everyone enjoys your fabulous fare; though have we solved the debate on putting raisins in the potato salad? Is that still a thing? If you’re hosting parties this holiday season, it can be a lot of work — but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.


Don’t Stress About the Menu

It is not requirement for you to be a master chef. The internet is full of quick and easy fingers foods, salads and complete menu ideas that are sure to satisfy your guests tastebuds. We recommend checking out Pinterest. You're sure to grab inspiration there. If you are serving dips, chips, or a tasty salad; our Nordic Salad Bowl is the perfect container. It’s both stylish and practical. 


Candles are a great for filling the home with a fresh memorable fragrance and soft lighting when entertaining. But… as you’ll be hosting, we don't recommend leaving them unattended. A great alternative is to have a few diffusers like the WoodVenture Fragrance Lamp throughout your home. From entryway to bathroom, and any other spaces, they are guaranteed to keep your home smelling fresh and add a touch of ambiance.


Bring Darkness To Light

As with any get-together, the celebration can carry on well into the evening and ensuring that there is enough lighting is essential to keep the party going. The WoodVenture Smart Hand Lamp is great to have around to brighten up your backyard or outdoor area.


Move Things Around

It's a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your holiday decor by moving things around and working with what you already have. consider your home setup to make way for holiday cheer. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture and change your decorating style to fit the season of the year. You don’t have to start from scratch and decorate like a tree; in fact, it can be fun to use colors that are already in place instead. For example, if you already have red pillows on your couch, why not use them for fall’s harvest celebration? Covering a coffee table with a tablecloth can easily turn it into a dining area. Add throw pillows for seating options, or add decorative pillows under the tree-shaped ones to add dimension and interest when sitting on the floor around it.


Keep Decor Simple

Too much goes into creating a holiday party that you will likely want to keep busy well past New Year's. However, it's best to keep some decor classic and simple rather than adding too many elements. This can help ensure that guests aren't overwhelmed by a big space full of busy patterns or fussy arrangements. Stick with simple centerpieces and decor without busy patterns, and leave room for candles to create an inviting atmosphere!


When it comes to holiday entertaining, there are countless ways you can get ready for the season. With all of these, the most important thing is you get to bring people together to  a cozy place where people can gather together and relax. A nice, inviting nook or corner can take your holiday home from ordinary to extraordinary — enjoy the holidays!