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Fall Family Activities

Fall Family Activities

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 24 Oct 22

Yes, the leaves are changing and the weather temperatures have begun to decline; meaning it’s that time when we find ourselves exploring options for entertainment indoors…or at least with a bit of warmth. Fall family activities are fun and filled with lasting reminders of the season. From the scent of pumpkin spice to the freakish fun of Halloween trick-or-treating, there’s much that can be done and we want to help. Here are five fun-filled activities for families to consider.


Visit Your Local Farm

Many farms offer hayrides, apple picking, and even parading through a pumpkin patch. It’s a great time for farmers to make additional income during what could be considered their “off” season. Many sell cookies, pies, and deliciously warming cider for consumption. Also, a visit to the local farm allows young ones to pet animals. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to get a great family photo that commemorates the season and captures the memory of your family's fall fun.

Kitchen Creativity

Now that you’ve visited the farm, perhaps you’ve purchased a few apples or a couple of pumpkins. The internet has many recipes that utilize these fall favs, from cookies to pies to purees. Gather the family in the kitchen and explore hours' worth of kitchen creativity and enjoy having fun with flavor.

Build a Bonfire

An ideal way to enjoy the cooler weather, Bonfires are a great way to spend time with family and friends. No fire pit? No problem! You can usually shop for one online or build one with your crew in your backyard. Bonfires are great for telling scary stories, making toasty snacks, and enjoying being warm and cozy together.