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DeClutter Your Life

DeClutter Your Life

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 07 Aug 22

For many, the act of shopping is a form of cardio. Finding deals gets the heart racing. It’s safe to assume that we’ve all fallen prey to some of the major chains. You know the stores - the ones that you enter and find yourself saying, “All I need is a can opener.” Thirty minutes later, you walk out holding a receipt the length of your arm suffering the realization, “all I needed was a can opener...and picture frame, a wrap dress, new towels, candles. Wait, I forgot the can opener!”


It’s a paradox that we all find ourselves in more often than not and when we do finally get home, we realize that we already have multiples of many of the items that we bought. This often adds to the clutter in our homes but there are several ways to keep things from piling up in your home.


Only take what you need:

When planning your trip to your local supermarket or warehouse store, only take the money that you will need. This takes some pre-planning, but only taking enough cash for the essentials and leaving your credit cards at home eliminates the ability to splurge.


Make a shopping list:

Heading into a store with a plan is helpful. Make a list before you leave and stick to it. If it is not on your list, it does not go in the cart - no matter how much you think you need it. 


Shop online:

Avoiding the “dollar bins” or clearance section, which are most conveniently located at the front of many stores, keeps you on your mission. You can also save your shopping list on many sites, which avoids the temptation of purchasing the unnecessary. 


Purge before you go:

Many people believe in the “in with the new, out with the old” method. This means you do not bring anything new into the house until something old had made room for it. This is especially helpful when it comes to children’s toys and clothing. If you didn’t make room for it, it doesn’t come into the house.


Avoiding the clutter is hard, especially when products are designed to make us want them and feel like we need them but be honest with yourself. How often would you use it and do you really need it? Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of the purchase before we make the wrong choice.