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Camp Smarter. Camp Sustainably.

Camp Smarter. Camp Sustainably.

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 21 Aug 22

The summer isn’t over yet; there is still more fun to squeeze in before children go back to school and your calendar is filled with meetings instead of beach trips. Focusing on ensuring that we live a sustainable lifestyle at home is one thing, but how many take it on the road? Just because we are on vacation, it doesn’t mean we cannot continue to live sustainably while taking a break from our everyday lives. 

Over the past two years, there has been a boom in the number of people camping. Yes, camping! Either they are camping as a destination, camping on their way to a destination, or camping that is attached to a destination. Whichever “destination” you may find yourself, not only can you camp with style but you can also be a globally conscious camper. There are many outlets out there to help new and seasoned campers maintain a sense of comfort while making sure that they leave the smallest footprint at their campsite. 

There are a few items that are needed in order to make your campsite eco-friendly. 

Portable Self-Composting Toilet: The first thing that many people think of when they hear camping is, “Where am I going to go to the bathroom?”. Composting toilets use materials such as peat moss or coconut coir to mix with human waste and begin breaking it down. This happens in specialized compartments than can be later emptied into a larger composting device to continue the process. Why is this important? Keeping human waste from contaminating your campsite, natural water source, or impacting the local wildlife is an important factor of camping sustainably and should be your first thing to do before you “go”.


Sensibly Sourced Equipment:Thinking about how you will impact the campsite is one thing, but tracing the sources of all of your equipment is the next level. Being a sensible camper means ensuring that you leave the campsite better than you found it, being a super-sensible camper means tracing the originals of all of your equipment - ensuring that they are made from either 100% recycled materials or that the manufacturer follows zero-waste guidelines. If that is too much work, there are many companies who offer gently used equipment at a discount. This is especially economical for those who have just been bitten by the camping bug and want to ease their way into the lifestyle. Being sensible and camping sustainably is more than just using a reusable water container.


Allow Yourself to Recharge:Camping can be exhilarating or totally relaxing, it all depends on your comfort level and how far off the beaten path you want to go. However far you travel, always travel with solar-powered or long-lasting, rechargeable devices. Products such as the WoodVenture Smart LED Torch have long-lasting batteries that can be charged before you leave or simply plug into a power bank or USB port in your car.