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A Few "To-Dos" with Dad...

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 20 Jun 22

Father’s Day may be over, but we can show them we care every day. We all know that appreciation goes far beyond one day of the year.  With busy schedules and life happening; we often forget to take a moment to honor dad

Dads are always on duty, and you should be too! This year, continue to celebrate dad and make him feel special. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to spend quality time with your dad.

Breakfast or Brunch Buddies

Some dad’s may not be able to hang as late as they used too! So, at least once month, we recommend that you set a standing breakfast or brunch date with your favorite guy! This would make a great opportunity to chat and chew. You can explore new food spots and flavors; making a great way to connect and spend priceless quality time.

A Day Off

Not everyone’s father is his own boss. Many of us have come to understand and appreciate the hard work and sacrifices that our father’s have made to support their family. Arranging a day off in advance will give him piece of mind in not having to worry about what’s going on at the job or elsewhere and redirect his focus on family fun. Even better, a day all to himself doing whatever makes him happy. He deserves it, and it will be all thanks to you!

Dial-up Dad

A phone call goes a long way. To hear from the apple of his eye is sometimes the best gift. Good conversation, reliving old stories and talks of days past brings undeniable joy. Besides, you may come to learn some shocking details about your old man. We only know them as our parent, but they’ve LIVED a life that we know little about. Asking a few questions can unlock memories of the good old days and even provided insight as to your similarities. You’d be surprised. Here’s a few conversation prompts:

  1. What are a few ofyour favorite childhood memories.
  2. If you could go back in time, what advice would you tell your younger self?
  3. What do you remember from the day I was born?



For many, this time can be a challenging. Suffering the loss of a father is not easy. Living or departed, we observe this day to honor and celebrate the main man in our lives. A father is our leader, friend, first love and forever a possessor of our heart. So take a moment to simply reflect on the man that matters most.