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8 ways to be Happier by Redecorating!

8 ways to be Happier by Redecorating!

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 19 Mar 22

Can decorating your own space make you feel happy? Yes, according to  a  new study. 

Living in a home where you are free to move around, hang a new decor, and splash a new paint according to your whim proves one special key to human happiness: freedom! Or having a sense of control in your own home! 

If you have the power to make changes that affect your happiness, why not take control? Especially if turning your home into a sanctuary of joy is as simple as making these 8 quick tips.

1. Show your Unique Whims

Hubbard said: Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive! So go on and express yourself through art! Expressing your ideas through art activates the reward center in your brain and helps you imagine a more hopeful future, according to  studies.

Try this at home:Display a work of art that reflects your personal style, whether it’s a bold painting, an odd sculpture, or best: make your very own art!  Transform this  Smart Hand Lamp  and feel proud to have a centerpiece with your fingerprint on it!

2. Brighten up with new lighting

There’s nothing more energizing than letting natural light brighten your space. Since artificial lighting can have a huge impact on your health too, play with new lights and activate the feel-good Dopamine when you expose yourself to something new in your environment.

Try this at home: Choose lighter curtains that let light flood in during the day. Spread lamps around the home to create ambience. Combine overhead lighting with wall sconces or ambient lamps such as our well-loved  Smart LED Torch that is mountable, and detachable.

3. Create harmony using soft geometry

For us, harmony in our interior means the belonging of one thing with another. The repetition of design elements like colour, texture, shape, and form is one of the easiest ways to achieve harmony. One study even found that curvilinear decors are more eye-friendly, can stimulate learning and memory and are worth repeating!

Try this at home: Think pairs of chairs, side tables or our favorite: lamps! Since symmetry doesn't always mean matching, how about adding rounded pieces from our  Wall Art lamp for repetition? 

4. Bring more life with unkillable plants

Not only are houseplants air-cleaning ninjas, NASA research shows they can remove 87% of toxins within 24 hours! Don’t have a green thumb? Try caring for a snake plant and aspidistra which hardly need water and sunlight making them (almost) unkillable! 

Try this at home:  Research shows simply looking at images of plants lowers your blood pressure so hang a portrait of your favorite foliage. You can easily grow your cuttings in this  hydroponics Wall light too! 

5. Declutter

Make room for negative space in your home. It’s as simple as decluttering and allowing your room to have a breathing space. 

Try this at home:  If your furniture is too close together or too far apart, arrange them to make even space around each piece. On your work desk, you can also organize your pens and small goods inside this  digital alarm clock pen holder. It’s also a portable stylish alarm clock so you wake up happier!

6. Make your home smell amazing

There’s something about a home that smells fresh and clean! Unfortunately all kinds of odors pop up: from pets, cooking, smelly shoes, trash and more! Since our brains are wired to link smell with emotions and memories, it’s about time you fill your home with an aroma that you love!

Try this at home:  Store scented candles in your closet and the fabrics will absorb the scent! Instead of lighting up candles, you can also add a few drops of lavender to this  Woodventure Fragrance Lamp for that total relaxation experience.

7. Choose your happy colors

Design for your own happiness. Since color is a personal choice, the right color scheme in your home will make you feel relaxed and calm, cheerful and excited. While the lack of colors you love will leave you feeling bored and uninterested in your own walls! 

Try this at home:  Bathrooms are a great way to experiment with colors in the house! That pricey colorful wallpaper for the living room can cost less in the less spacious bathroom. For a quick and cheap update, you can also paint a mural in your bathroom wall like this rainbow pattern that you can absolutely freehand!

8. Display your personal keepsakes

Obviously, the secret to making your home a haven is to fill it with things that make you smile. Personalize your space with objects that conjure up happy memories: childhood keepsakes, family heirlooms and travel mementos!

Try this at home:  Display a grid of laughter and energy from your family photos. Colored photos are great if they blend in your space. But if you’re having photos from your smartphone framed, having them printed in black and white works in any decor and would still look professional.

Final Takeaway: 

If you are content with your home, you’re content in life. To those of us who don’t live in a mansion, here’s some cheering news: it’s the simplest of daily pleasures that make us happy!

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Happiness is accessible to us all!