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7 Ways of Bringing Good Luck into your Home

7 Ways of Bringing Good Luck into your Home

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 12 Mar 22

March 17 is right around the corner which means…everyone's Irish on St. Patrick’s day! And as they say “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.”

But what exactly does the ‘luck of the Irish’ mean? Is it finding four-leaf clovers? Because the likelihood of finding one is a whopping 1 out of 5,076! Extremely rare!

Luckily, you have much better odds of bringing some good fortune into your home with these easy yet sensible interior suggestions!

1. Add some element of wood for growth

Chances are you’ve used the phrase “knock on wood” to prevent bad luck from spoiling your good luck. But really, why do we knock on wood? 

Many cultures believe that knocking our knuckles on wood is  asking for positive energy from Mother nature. History and superstition aside, surrounding yourself with wooden elements have been  proven to boost your health and wellbeing, from decreasing blood pressure to reducing stress.

Since wood also represents healing, growth, and prosperity in Feng Shui, you can easily boost wooden energy in your home by:

  • Adding indoor plants to invite positive energy
  • Sprucing up your walls with wooden decors for character and warmth
  • Pick one statement piece with an eye-catching wood tone (If it’s tricky to mix and match wooden elements in your interior style).

This eye-catching  Smart twirl lamp is twistable and instantly creates a warm atmosphere!

2. Declutter underneath your bed

Let’s face it. In our college dorm room days, the cavernous space under the bed is the perfect storage for shoes, books, and other odds and ends. 

But decluttering and Feng Shui experts agree on one thing: we can sleep better when we have a clear space below.

Freeing up the space under the bed improves airflow and while you can store folded blankets and sheets for better access what you want to avoid is storing things that carry heavy emotional energy such as:

  • Photos, souvenirs, or old mementos of past relationships
  • Weapons or sharp metal objects
  • Books, paperwork, or anything work-related

          Display your beautiful memory on your wall with this Sphere shelf light

3. Close the toilet lid before you flush

Poop particles aside, a  recent study showed that 40-60% of viruses rise above the toilet seat during flushing. And it can take 3 hours for these particles to finally settle!

We’re talking about Covid-19, hepatitis A, norovirus, and all that isht being detected in feces! In Feng Shui, the bathroom is surprisingly one of the most important rooms at home, and flushing with the toilet lid open can drain your home of positive energy.

Either way, to prevent the spread of germs, diseases, and bad luck:

  • Keep the toilet lid down
  • Keep counters clear of clutter
  • Decorate your bathroom with earthly elements like the Smart LED Torch

The Smart LED Torch softly illuminates for a relaxing ambience in your bathroom 

4. Refresh your entryway 

Imagine walking into a messy entryway with piles of unopened mails, dusty front door, or pairs of misplaced shoes we barely notice but negatively affect our psyche. Mess leads to stress!

Since our front door is how energy enters our home, it pays to keep it clean, clutter-free, and reflective of our personal style.

Make it easy for new opportunities to find you and:

  • Create a warm welcome in the front door by adding a seasonal decor, customised address plaque or a simple welcoming sign. 
  • Have a clean and positive doormat
  • Set the tone for the rest of your house with ambient lights on your entryway such as our beautiful Smart Wall Lamp.

Uplift your entryway with the Smart Wall Lamp that lights up when motion is detected.

5. Keep wires farther from your bed

Any electronic cords within 5 feet of your bed are not only unsightly, but they're also unhealthy. The wavelengths from electronics like your phone, TV, and even alarm clock affect the quality of your sleep. You’re likely to feel more tired the next day, according to  research from the sleep foundation

But because gadgets are modern-day essentials the best we can do is:

This Smart Lantern Light is cord-free, rechargeable, and is safe even for kids! 

 6. Detoxify your Bedroom

What if we told you the bedroom (where you spend approximately one-third of your life) comes with around 1.5 million dust mites?  

And more lurking around: germs, bacteria, harmful chemicals, and even radiation from electronic devices. Yikes!

If you’re struggling to sleep soundly,  according to a Better sleep council research, removing toxins from the air in your bedroom can help to create a healthier sleep environment.

When you detoxify and purge your sacred space of negative energy, you feel good! It’s as simple as that.

  • NASA found adding the popular spider plant can brighten your bedroom, purify the air and reduce levels of anxiety!
  • Clean your space using natural cleaners: baking soda, vinegar, lemon
  • Try aromatherapy like Lavender proven to evoke feelings of calmness and improve sleep quality

This Fragrance lamp can promote a fresh, clean, and rejuvenating mood in your bedroom. Without breaking the bank!

7. Clean out the “money corner” of your home 

 This wealth corner is apparently connected to wealth, self-worth and abundance. You can find it in the far left corner of your home. Like when you’re facing the front door, look all the way to the left corner! Are there heaps in there?

Increase luck in that money corner with these simple tips:

  • Re-organize and dispatch clutter
  • Or keep it an open space for better flow of air and good energy
  • Opt for natural element instead of artificial decorations

This Hydroponics wall lamp combines wood + water + light to bring life and prosperity into your space!

 Final takeaway: Do you believe in luck?

There’s no denying that terrible things happen to people for no apparent fault of their own. Like the Japanese man who survived nuclear bombings, twice! Good or bad things can happen beyond our control, period. 

But if there is any truth to the  science of luck, it’s this: the luckiest people are those who see the upside in the downturns. And in doing so, they remain open to the possibilities, in faith, hope and love.

Don’t you feel lucky to know that?