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Refresh your Space for Spring!

Refresh your Space for Spring!

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 28 Feb 22

5 Unexpected Spring Decor Trends to Refresh your Home 


Out with the old, in with the fresh! The newness of spring is the perfect moment for growth and awakening—or at the very least, a refresh of your personal space! But where to start? 
If you’re not into stressful and expensive upgrades, we’ve got you! Here are our top spring decor trends that you can bring to life, almost instantly!

Trend#1 Decluttering

If there’s only ONE refresh tip you’d like to do, make it this: declutter and clean. It’s the easiest way to refresh a space! 

Did you know that “decluttering” got a 700% increase in Google search last year? This 2022 feels like the year for the ultimate spring clean.

Decluttering is not always about stripping your home of things. But more about displaying your things in an intentional way. Take advantage of your space in new ways. Think of storage units or boxes that turn an unstructured space into an organized grid.

But not just any box will do. Choose something sturdy and elegant where you can see your possessions at a glance. Or how about a floating shelf that gives more purpose to an empty wall?

Shelf sphere light

This Sphere shelf light can easily become the perfect spot to display your favorite photo!

Trend #2 Greenery

Bring something NEW from nature: get a new plant! Studies show that indoor plants not only transform the appearance of any space but also boost your mood, eliminate air pollutants and increase creativity. 

Tight on space? No problem! Think vertical and add a wooden shelf to place your cuttings, blooms, or potted greens.

hydroponics light

This Hydroponics wall light gives your choice of greens an unexpected spot to grow: Besides an iconic lighting piece! 

Trend #3 Playfulness

Whether you want to create a nook that gets your creative juices flowing (for work) or a space that stimulates your artistic side, it’s about time. Surround yourself with pieces that make play easy. And foster your imagination!

Like relaxing, playing lets you forget about stress and energizes your brain cells to get more creative! Whether it’s playing frisbee with your dog, playing cards by yourself, or board games with your kids, show off those creative tools!

Smart Twirl Lamp

Stack, unstack and twist the wooden pieces of this Smart twirl lamp for creative shapes and endless fun!

Trend#4 Multifunctionality

Post-pandemic, most of us still work at home which has turned our living spaces into multifunctional offices.A 2022 trend report from Etsy even reveals that shoppers are on a hunt for statement lighting.

You know? Lights that allow folks to transform the ambiance of their homes while doubling as eye-catching artwork. Ready to find your statement piece that reflects your personal style?

Form by day, mood at night. Easily mount these simple yet eye-catching Wall Art Lamp to instantly transform the ambiance!

Trend#5 Novelty

Ever desired to have something unique that is not like everyone else’s? Fact:  we all have that drive to be different. We long to have something that makes us feel special, and surprise surprise. This need is biological!

This desire has led us to find joy in unique things. In the interior world, there is now a trend of mixing contrasting materials together to celebrate uniqueness. Like combining metal with wood. One is natural, the other being industrial. This subtlety is a trend reminiscent of the ‘80s which makes vintage pieces a novel find!

Nordic Retro Lamp

This Nordic Drop Light can add warmth and jazz up the space of an otherwise modern home

Always on-trend: Self-care

Perhaps the most prominent design trend for all seasons revolves around self-care. We’ve all been challenged these past few years. Being quarantined at home has taught us the importance of privacy and creating a space that’s beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

As the snow melts, the flower blooms and the day gets longer, our growth comes first! What really matters? It’s to spend more quality time with people we love, including ourselves!