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5 Changes for Sustainable Living at Home

5 Changes for Sustainable Living at Home

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 10 Jul 22

A sustainable lifestyle at home isn’t as hard as you’d think. Reducing waste and consumption can make all the difference in your daily living and for the environment. Here’s how you can get started at home.

Getting Started ...


Start Composting Your Kitchen Scraps

Organic waste can easily become compost for a mix of uses. Kitchen scraps converted to compost not only serve as a nutritional snack for trees and garden vegetables, but it also means less waste that goes into landfills globally.

Adding a compost bin to your kitchen for scrap collection will make your switch to composting at home easier. If you do not live in an area that collects green waste, you can simply add them to the base of a tree, to your garden, or check with your local community garden to see if they’ll accept a compost donation.  


Recycling isn’t as hard as you may think and makes a major impact on the planet by reducing harmful chemicals and greenhouse gas emissions that are released by toxic waste.  By recycling, we help to offset the damage that’s already been done. Additionally, the use of recyclable materials helps reduce the impact on the natural environments, and wildlife, and pushes to preserve and protect these important factors. 

Reduce Indoor Toxins

Furniture, rugs, and harsh household cleansers can cause indoor air pollution which can be extremely harmful in the home. It’s been proven to be worse than outdoor pollution. Even worse, having closed windows can elevate carbon dioxide levels in the home which has been proven to lead to headaches and drowsiness. Opening your windows in your home will help keep your home ventilated.

Another way to eliminate indoor pollution is by adding indoor plants to your home. There are many plants that remove chemicals and pollutants from the household air. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Transport is one of the the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. However, the good news is - that a shift in the mode of transport can be an easy way to reduce personal emissions and environmental footprint. Also, in the face of COVID-19, many governments encourage their citizens to consider walking or riding their bikes as a healthy and environmentally friendly way to move around. Bicycle travel and walking are also great options for a green lifestyle.

Clean Naturally

Natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and lemon juice are making a come back for multi-purpose cleaning that is good for the environment. It is quite easy to make cleaning products at home. Why not try laundry powder or toilet cakes. Many products, such as used coffee grounds are also great for polishing cutlery or can be used as a natural deodorizer. A small number of used coffee grounds or baking soda can eliminate odors from the fridge.