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21 Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

21 Small Ways to Make a Big Impact

Cat Wilson by Cat Wilson
Posted 07 Mar 22

21 Small Ways to Make a Big Impact this International Women's Day and Beyond

Break records. Blaze new trails. Shatter glass ceilings! 

We celebrate Women empowerment of course. But here at Woodventure, we want every woman to feel worthy more than because you are able to do great things. But simply because YOU exist.

We are sharing 21 ways we can all #breakthebias by doing small things in a great way, International women's day or not.

Every effort counts to move towards a world free of stereotypes and discrimination! 

  1. Read ‘Invisible Women’ by Caroline Criado Perez. Denying that bias exists gives it more power. This book is filled with eye opening data that helped me to recognize my bias!
  2. Get involved. Support a non-profit for women and girls that resonate with you. If you want to donate to a charity helping the women in Ukraine, this piece has a good round-up of verified charities and agencies.
  3. Teach the young men in your life to respect women. Lead by example through language, speaking kindly and being helpful.
  4. Embrace…imperfections! With the pandemic, kids, chores and full-time work,  one study  shows that 1 in 4 women are experiencing anxiety and sleep issues from doing MORE than they can possibly handle. 
  5. Practice imperfection: Leave typos in your email, hang rejection letters, stop baking the perfect banana bread before taking a break, confide in a friend that you feel depressed and anxious. Go easy on yourself!
  6. Refrain from associating “feminine” as a synonym for soft.
  7. You’re lucky enough to be reading this! Why not use your privilege to help those who weren’t given the opportunity to learn how to read?
  8. Respect dominant women. Research shows that society expects women to be warm and men to be strong. Let’s break down those stereotypes! 
  9.  Share your brilliant mind with the world! Practice introducing yourself to those you trust and speak at events. Don’t let fear of failure get in the way of you being brave!
  10. Intentionally chat with (even befriend) someone who has different beliefs than you like the future of the earth depends on it. Expand your perspective and listen!
  11. Who are the women who inspire you? Write a gratitude note to that very special woman (or women) and don’t be afraid to let them know why.
  12. Hold the door open for someone.
  13. Check your own biases here. Once you acknowledge you have them, you can learn to change them.
  14.  Reread your fave female author’s book! Or find a new book empowering female  stories from Reshma Saujani, Brene Brown or Vanessa Brantley Newton.
  15. Stop asking her when she’s going to have kids. And for women who don't have/don’t want kids yet? This doesn’t make them any less female.
  16.  Strike the IWD #breakthebias pose and feel free to share them on your socials!  diversity in IWD
  17. Stand up for yourself! Ever heard of Beryl Markham? She published her memoir as the first person to fly solo, nonstop across the Atlantic. People try to disrespect and discredit her but she didn’t allow anyone to claim her own story, especially her ex-husband.
  18. Dress however you want and give others the freedom to do so.
  19.  Be mindful in comforting a boy. Comfort young men as you would to young women. No need to tell anyone to “man up”!
  20. Always ask your mom if she needs any help! Or help a new mom. Got old baby stuff like clothes, car seats, or books? Donate to what feels right for you!
  21. Treat yourself. We are superheroes for a reason! But none of us can do this work if we are depleted. Take a self-care night, will you? YOU deserve it!